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5 Ranger 15 Paladin - Tempest+Holy+Zeal - Para Harky

Não sei se isso é Ranger kkk tem apenas 5 lvl xD! Mas tem 40 AP em tempest então vou colocar como Ranger :p.Harky fez TR para uma bluid de 15P/5R e reclamou que o setting estava com baixo Dps e dificuldades para realizar quests.Ele encontrasse no ...
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Pure Ranger Tempest

RANGER:PURE TEMPEST : Setup . . .Strength 16 (Level ups go here)Dexterity 15Constitution 16Intelligence 15Wisdom 8Charisma 8+7 tomes in the top 4 stats, +4s in WIS and CHALevel 1 (Ranger)Feat: (Selected) DodgeFeat: (Favored Enemy) Favored Enemy: U...
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ranger coupe the grace

Level 30 Chaotic Good Half-Orc Male (4 Fighter / 11 Ranger / 5 Bard / 10 Epic) Hit Points: 518 Spell Points: 557 BAB: 18/18/23/28/28 Fortitude: 22 Reflex: 16 Will: 17 Starting Feat/Enhancement Abilities Base Stats Modified S...
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